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Hello Everyone!

With February now officially begun and event planning, website revamping and the launch of our membership page I would like to introduce you to the faces behind the Columbia Valley Makerspace! This is a 3-year passion project created by two men that bring a combined 70+ years of experience!

Brian McIntosh: Co-Founder/Director

Brian is one of the founders of Columbia Valley Makerspace society. He brings 50+ years of experience to the makerspace! He has been tinkering with electronics for as long as he remembers and wants to bring that passion to the communities of Columbia Valley. When he is not volunteering his time he works with a company called Digital Homes and spends time with his family here in the Kootenays.

Jayson Murray: Co-Founder/Director

Jayson is one of the founders of the makerspace. He is passionate about innovation and creating a space that is for the community as a whole. He is a Chief Engineer at Copper Point Resort. He brings 25+ years of experience to the Columbia Valley Makerspace Society with electronics, stained glass, carpentry to name a few of his skills! When he is not working or volunteering his time at the Makerspace you can find him out on a summit in the Kootenays!

Celeste Medbery: CFO/Marketing and Admin roles

Celeste is a single mom and college student that is passionate about the makerspace and the endless possibilities that it has to benefit the community. She helps by serving as a CFO on the board of Directors, helping manage the social media and website platforms and took on administrative roles to help the founders stay organized and focus their efforts on creating and teaching! When she’s not at the makerspace she is found around the valley with her son having adventures or studying to complete her undergraduate degree in accounting!

    • Dean Beddie
    • 2020-02-04

    Do you accept old computers? I have 2 w/o hard drives to donate.

      • admin
      • 2020-02-04

      Yes, we sure do! We refurbish them and either give them to someone in need or sell them for a donation. If there are real issues with them, we salvage what we can and recycle the rest.

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