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A Maker in all of us

Our brains are wired to make.

There is a Maker in all of us. Whether that’s doing engineering, stained glass, art or a jack of all trades, a makerspace in the community is a wonderful way to bring people together. People from all backgrounds sharing a workshop where their ideas can come together; some of the best ideas come from situations where people are together bouncing off ideas. Brainstorming and building something together. Aside from the large community that is the makerspace from a global perspective, individual communities can thrive when a Makerspace becomes available. They serve youth with programs that aim to teach the workforce of tomorrow. And we are there for the 19-99+ adults who can share their knowledge and experience amongst each other and youth!

Not everyone can have a workshop where they can build at their heart’s desire and tools of all sorts at their disposal. Not all rural schools can create makerspaces within their school. And so, we a Makerspace of Columbia Valley, want to step in and fill that gap. Not only with our home base location but with satellite makerspace stations in Windermere, Radium etc.

They were visiting Invermere and joined us at Family Day!


February has been great, a solid month in our new space, finding our way. We are tweaking things as we go and learning on the fly with the events this month we held. (Celeste only glued herself to the table once and burned herself twice at the Family day event.)  There were so many kids that we intuitive, creative and, just a joy to teach! We also held a repair café and repaired an air purifier and got to work on a unique clock!

As members join us and drop-ins stop by, we are learning what we need on hand and how to make sure we can accommodate everyone with their ideas and needs. It’s a process as a non-profit and, we are driven by the community as a whole. A Makerspace much, like a coworking space, is only as successful as it’s community. We need more creative and driven people to help us make this a permanent reality. Columbia Valley Makerspace innovation centre is a community workshop, a place to build and create where criticism dropped at the door. A place that someone can come in and build and other makers with more experience can help and even upgrade the build before it’s prototype is even done.


There is a maker in all of us; you’ll find people from all walks of life joining the maker movement. Manufacturing and prototyping has changed in the last decade. Where it once cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to fail, it’s now free. Where a mom learned to use a laser cutter and made cute things for her family and now owns a thriving business because of those creations. An “accidental entrepreneur.” The DIY movement is gaining momentum around the world. And though Makerspaces are important for youth and schools (hence the emergence of mini makerspaces for STEAM in schools.) I want to acknowledge that in a small town like Invermere, B.C, its wide array of small businesses and entrepreneurs, innovation centres such as ours have so much potential to help our community and its creative entrepreneurs.

That said, I am happy to announce a partnership with the Mountain Hub coworking space whose mission is so much in line with ours that both the Columbia Valley Makerspace Society and the Mountain Hub are excited to work together in the community for our community! More details are to come as myself and Megan collaborate on some ideas.  

February has come to a close and March is officially here! I cannot wait to see what this month has in store for our Makerspace and the innovation centre!

Stay Tuned!

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