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CORONAVIRUS HOTLINE 1-833-784-4397 If you have any questions pr concerns feel free to email us at:

A Maker in all of us

Our brains are wired to make. There is a Maker in all of us. Whether that's doing engineering, stained glass, art or a jack of all trades, a makerspace in the community is a wonderful way to bring people together. People from all backgrounds sharing a workshop where their ideas can come together; some of the best ideas come from situations where people are together bouncing off ideas. Brainstorming and building something together. Aside from the large community that is the makerspace from a global perspective, individual communities can thrive when a Makerspace becomes available. They serve youth with programs…

Hours of Operation!

We are happy to announce our current Office Hours! We have updated our sign on the door and have the hours as follows: Monday-Thursday 10 A.M-2P.M Friday-Saturday 10 A.M- 4P.M Please keep in mind we are volunteer run and these hours are subject to change should something beyond our control prevents us from opening the Innovation center.  **Events are exempt from posted hours** If you live outside of town or just want to confirm someone is there prior to coming to our Innovation Center please email us at:  Either Brian or Celeste will get back to you ASAP! We…

Meet the Directors!

Hello Everyone! With February now officially begun and event planning, website revamping and the launch of our membership page I would like to introduce you to the faces behind the Columbia Valley Makerspace! This is a 3-year passion project created by two men that bring a combined 70+ years of experience! Brian McIntosh: Co-Founder/Director Brian is one of the founders of Columbia Valley Makerspace society. He brings 50+ years of experience to the makerspace! He has been tinkering with electronics for as long as he remembers and wants to bring that passion to the communities of Columbia Valley. When he…

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