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Looking for Volunteers

The Columbia Valley Maker Space is in need of volunteers that can help us get the Maker Space off the ground. We are looking for any people who are interested in the space and would like to contribute some time, materials or funds. If you are interested, please send us an email at, or fill in the form on the main web site page. You can also get in touch with us via our Facebook page. Regards, The Maker Space Team

The Goldmine for DIY Projects

If you have not visited Instructibles, you need to go there now. It is the best resource on the web, bar none, for DIY projects that span woodworking, gardening, technology and a wonderful fusion of different fields. (My personal favorite is the garden planting, watering and weeding robot!) A warning - give yourself some time to look around this site as you will see loads of cool stuff you will want to build. AND - what better place to bring your Instructible project idea to than the Columbia Valley Maker Space!  

We Are Registered!

Today we made one more step towards making this all a reality. We are officially a registered society in BC!!! Our official name is the Columbia Valley Makerspace Society. We are compiling a list of supporters/resume that we can take to buisness to solicit funding. If I could ask you all if you could please put together a little resume of who you are and that you wish to support the society that would help us greatly when we are out there trying to get funding. You can email this to me at Thank you all for your support!…

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