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LED-ifying A Guitar, Part Two

An electric guitar is all about stage presence. Need to be cooler than a single guitar? No problem — there are double neck guitars. Need to be cooler than that? No problem - just add a bunch of LEDs and watch the magic happen! Continue reading here: Visit us at the Columbia Valley Maker Space here:

Learn To Solder Class – Make a Christmas Tree

The Columbia Valley Maker Space Society will be holding a Christmas themed  'How To Solder" class on December 9th, at the Invermere Legion from 12PM to 4PM. We will be providing all the tools and parts for you to build a holiday themed 'flashing Christmas tree' that will be yours to take with you at the end of the day. You will get a kit of parts and you will use a soldering station and tools provided to construct a flashing christmas tree. Our experts will guide you on how to identify the electronic parts, how to mount them on…

Repair Cafe is coming to Canal Flats

The Columbia Valley Maker Space Society is holding another Repair Cafe at the Canal Flats Community Center from 10 AM to 4 PM. We have lots of fixers from the Flats coming out to help us out - a great big THANKS to everyone who has volunteered. If you have not attended a Repair Cafe before, here is what to expect: While you are enjoying a coffee, Maker Space fixers will repair your lamp, small appliance, computer or other items you want to rescue from the garbage. You can sit back and watch if you like (and maybe even learn…

SpaceX’s Starman Roadster has ventured past Mars

Starman and its Tesla Roadster are officially a long, long way from home. SpaceX has confirmed that Falcon Heavy's test payload has passed Mars' orbit. This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my 50 some years of being on this planet. I try to sit my kids down end explain the significance of something like this, as I was around when man first went into space and I get the technology advance that have happened in my lifetime so far. I cant imagine what my kids will see in theirs. Continue reading here:…

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