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What Is The Columbia Valley Maker Space?

Our Maker Space will have 2 main components:

  • A physical space with tools and parts for woodworking, metalworking, computer work, electronics, etc.
  • A group of volunteers and associates that make up the 'Brain Trust' that runs the space and can be drawn upon for projects, seminars and other activities.

What will the physical space look like?

  • Picture a hobby shop or your grandfathers garden shed. It will be a space full of tools, spare parts and equipment that can be used for many different projects.
  • Picture an office space that has an enclosed, separate room that can be used for quiet activities like computer work, meetings, discussions about projects and designs, etc. We will have a white board, TV monitors for presentations, printers and other office amenities. The office space can also be rented out as a co-working area.
  • Picture a laboratory like you had in high school or university. There will be clean, well lit benches where we will have mechanical and electronic assembly tools, plastic bins for various parts, wire, nuts and bolts, etc.
  • Picture an inviting coffee shop environment that presents you with a comfortable place to meet and relax. Have a coffee, sit on the couch and visit or help out with activities/projects.

What will happen at the maker space?

We envision 3 types of activities: Educational, Business Development and Free Form.

  • Educational. We plan to work closely with the Schools, First Nations and the community in order to host activities that have a learning component. These will be more structured activities like learning how to program computers, introduction to wood working, etc.
  • Business Development. We will ensure that anyone that has a business, and idea for a business or product to have access to our 'Brain Trust'. Our Valley is full of people with varied skills and lots of experience in many fields. We plan to collect contact info for these people and have them available to inform, assist and participate in economic and business activities. Startups and existing businesses will benefit from these resources, many of them offered for free.
  • Free Form. We will provide access to the space for anyone who has any hobby, project or task that they would like to pursue. There will always be lots of people around to help with your project, if required. Or, you may just want a well equipped workspace to play in.

So, if you are a passionate individual of any age who wants to play, invent, build, collaborate or share skills, please contact us, or sign up for our newsletter.

Or, send us an email at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.