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Columbia Valley Makerspace Society

Our collaborative work space is used for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools.  Our Makerspace is open to kids, adults, and entrepreneurs with a variety of maker equipment including general tools, 3D printers, laser cutters,  soldering irons and
even sewing machines.


We have the tools, the expertise and facility to take on single item and small run manufacturing for various prototyping and one-of manufacturing. Our workshops have an assortment of laser etchers, 3D printers, woodworking and metalworking equipment and tools – all at your disposal.


Our suite of software and hardware tools alongside the expertise of our membership provides all the resources that are needed to push forward the development of your ideas. We are the ideal space for start-ups to use in the early development phase of their business.


Our network of resources in the valley and beyond can help you take your startup venture, product or idea to the next level. Need a physical space? We know where to send you. How about a web presence, marketing or telecommunications services? Again, we have connections to vibrant local businesses that will support you.

What Is The Columbia Valley Maker Space?

Our Makerspace has 2 Main Components

1) A collaborative space with tools and parts for woodworking, metalworking, computer work, electronics, etc.
2) A group of volunteers and associates that make up the ‘Brain Trust’ that runs the space and can be drawn upon for projects, seminars, and other activities.

The Possibilities Are Endless.

We Need Passionate People Like You

Help Us Reach As Many Communities In The Columbia Valley As We Can!

Do you believe in our cause and want to see more events and makerspace activities in your community? Help support us by donating, writing a letter or becoming a member!


What Can The Columbia Valley Maker Space Do For You?


We can provide free initial consulting to various business sectors on such topics as energy management, communications, fabrication, prototyping, etc. As a member, you can take advantage of our membership’s expertise to flesh out ideas, create prototype plans and other related tasks.

Introductory Training and Classes

We have given many training classes and workshops in the past that people of all ages have attended. We are committed to providing young and old the chance to experience new technology and skills. Classes like coding, stained glass, woodworking, wearable technology and many more have been held in the valley over the years.

Advanced Training and Classes

We have a full suite of 3D design tools, digital image and video production software along with a large inventory of electronic training platforms, woodworking and metalworking facilities. With these tools, we can deliver training and education in many different areas such as coding, circuit building, general troubleshooting, networking, complex woodworking/metalworking and many more.


If formal training is not your thing, we can assist in hands-on learning and mentorship (as well as a cool place to play) as you explore your maker journey.

This allows you to learn and grow your way, in your time.


The support provided by the columbia valley makerspace society is paramount. not only to our community, but small businesses in general.

Innovation breeds creativity which brings new ideas and ways of doing things. cv makerspace makes this possible within our communities.

Sacha Brant

Founder/CEO , Brand Scrubbers

Knowledge is power and with that knowledge we can bring new ideas and creativity to light. columbia valley makerspace provides so many resources and valuable training to our community.

because of this, our community can soon be considered the tech hub of british columbia.

Josh Grieve

Founding Partner, Multiplayer Apparel

Get Started

It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started

Contact us anytime if you have questions on how you can join the Maker Space Society. We are looking for people of all ages who want to learn, make, fix, explore or just be around an interesting and motivating group.